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Impact Analysis

Impact Analysis adds value to modeling results by revealing the potential consequences that change and growth will have on a community's assets. In fact, the results of modeling simulations are of little use without detailed impact analysis.

How does it work?

Impact Analysis can include additional modeling or other types of database analysis, whether spatial or spreadsheet. LEAMgroup works with the community to define a region's cultural and environmental assets and determine the potential impact, positive or negative, to those assets as a result of the probability of development and change. The impact analysis is based on quantitative model results and attempts to answer key questions formulated by the community. Examples include stress to the environment or habitats, farmland preservation/landbanking efforts, demand for infrastructure, and regional economic and social impacts such as job creation, wage levels, and demand for schools. The end result is a report and series of figures and maps, online or static. But more importantly, an increased level of knowledge and awareness about the future and possible impacts is created, which can be used when reaching crucial decisions.

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